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 The index page of Jim Copper's pre-war Song Book, written in an old accounts book


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The Copper Family of Rottingdean have been singing their songs for generations, lovingly preserving them for the future. On this site you can find out about the Copper Family, their songs, their books and recordings, and their public appearances.

The Past

 Jim "Brasser" CopperThis section includes the history of the Copper Family, the life and work of Bob Copper, and family reports of particularly fondly-remembered occasions.

The Present

 The Copper Family, 2004  In this section you will find details of forthcoming appearances by the Copper Family, together with Latest News items, links to other web sites, a history of this web site and a site map to help you find your way around the wealth of material on it.

The Songs

 Bob Copper in his collecting days  The songs whose words are reproduced on this web site (nearly 150 of them) fall into two groups: those traditionally sung by the Copper Family, and some of those collected by Bob Copper. There is also a search facility to help you identify a song from a scrap of lyrics.

The Books and Recordings

 Cover of "A Song For Every Season"  Bob Copper wrote a number of books, details of which appear in this section, together with a full discography of the Copper Family. Some of the books and recordings are available for purchase.

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A Man of No Consequence by Bob Copper

Front cover of "A Man of No Consequence" by Bob CopperThe Copper Family is pleased to announce the publication of Bob Copper's final book, which had been completed and edited at the time of his death nine years ago. This volume fills in the many gaps left by his previous works. It provides a charming and detailed account of his life as a peacetime soldier in the Lifeguards between the wars, and his wartime service as Coroners Officer in Worthing during WW2. It also covers the early days of the English Folk Revival and subsequent involvement in the folk scene. His postwar career as a publican is related with some hilarious anecdotes.

Not only for Copper Family 'completists', this book provides a valuable social history of the life of a Southern English countryman from the 1930s to the present day. Highly recommended!

If you are in the UK you can purchase the book, for £15 plus £2.80 postage, via; that link should take you straight to the relevant page. Alternatively, wherever you are, you can buy the book via Paypal. Just select either "UK" or "Rest of World" from the drop-down list. Make sure you select the right one!

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