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Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Admiral Benbow
The Angels Sang
As I Walked Out
Babes in the Wood
Banks of the Sweet Primroses
The Battle of Alma
Bold General Wolfe
Bold Princess Royal
The Bold Dragoon
Bold Fisherman
Brisk and Bonny Lad
Brisk and Lively Lad
Brisk Young Ploughboy
By the Green Grove
Charming Molly
Christians Awake
The Christmas Song
Claudy Banks
Come All Ye Bold Britons
Come Write Me Down
Cupid’s Garden
Dame Durden
Dick Turpin
Dogs and Ferrets
The Dying Soldier
The Echoing Horn
The Farmer in Cheshire
The Forsaken Mermaid
The Fox
Gentlemen of High Renown
Hard Times of Old England
Hark the Goddess Diana
Heigh Ho Sing Ivy
Honest Labourer
Irish Girl
The Lark in the MorningA Lawyer Bold
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor
Month of May
My Father Had an Acre of Land
My Love Has Gone
No John No
Now All You Lads
Oh Good Ale
Old Adam
Old Threshing Song
Rose of Allendale
Pleasant Month of May
Ring Out, O Bells
Rolling Downward
Seamen Bold
The Seasons/Ploughshare
Sheepshearing Song
Shepherd of the Downs
The Shepherd’s Song
Shepherds Arise
Softly the Night
Spencer the Rover
Sportsmen Arouse
Spotted Cow
Sweep Chimney Sweep
Sweet Lemeney
Thousands or More
Twanky Dillo
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Two Old Crow
Two Young Brethren
The Veteran
Wake the Sweet Anthem
Warlike Seamen/Irish Captain
A Week before Easter
What’s the Life of a Man
When Jones’s Ale was New
When Spring Comes In
While Shepherds Watched
The White Cockade
Wind Across the Moor
Wop she ‘ad it-io



Traditional Songs from Rottingdean
LP, 1963
(Also issued as English Shepherd and Farming Songs, LP, 1964)

A Song for Every Season
4-LP boxed set, 1971

A Song for Every Season (selections)
LP, 1971

The Banks of Claudy
Cassette, 1975; CD, 2000

Cassette, 1975; CD 2000

Sweet Rose In June (Countryside Songs from the South)
LP 1977

Copper Family – 1: Come All You Bold Britons
Cassette, 1983

Copper Family – 2: Adam And Eve
Cassette, 1983

Coppersongs: A Living Tradition
LP, 1987

Coppersongs 2
CD, 1995

Coppersongs 3: The Legacy Continues
CD, 1998

Come Write Me Down
CD, 2001

Coppers at Christmas: The Carol Collection of the Copper Family of Rottingdean, Sussex
CD, 2007

Passing Out: The Young Coppers
CD, 2008

Prostrate with Dismal: Bob Copper Sings the Blues
5-track CD or digital download from, 2014