11 Jan 2023

2023 started rather poignantly for us on 7th January, just a day after what would have been Bob Copper’s 108th birthday. Fortunately to drive ‘sorrows away’ (a line which seems to also be used rather a lot by ‘The Unthanks’) we had a gig at the Elephant and Castle, or the Lewes Folk Club. This was very well attended and we had a ball despite John Copper being absent, having been struck down with one of the numerous viral infections going around. There were six of us with Jill Copper and me (Jon Dudley), plus some ‘Young Coppers’ in the shape of Lucy, Andy, Sean and Ben and we gave a programme of some of the Family carols (stretching the Christmas season a bit!), and a few old favourites. There are a few gigs on the horizon but nothing confirmed save our Falmer appearance so far.

Doubtless we shall be seeing some of you before too long, but whilst we have you here we would like to gauge the possible reaction to our re-launching of the 1971 4 album record set ‘A Song for Every Season’…this project has been on the back burner for some time and we are fortunate in owning the master tapes which have now been professionally digitised and cleaned up a bit. We would love to do a ‘proper job’ on this as regards packaging and graphics, reflecting the standard of the original but within a CD format before it becomes redundant completely!! Anyway, if you have any thoughts, words of encouragement or indeed discouragement, Please contact us.