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The Copper Family's Facebook page

Observer article "They Ought to Call it the Blues" ending with the Copper Family

Musical Tradition 1970 interview with Bob Copper

fRoots article: "A 1984 Conversation with Bob and John Copper"

Guardian article on the Copper family: "Whisky and Corduroys"(2002)

The Independent article on the Copper family: "The Family that Plays Together" (2002)

Mudcat link discussing and including the Guardian article

The Peter Bellamy web site: Copper Family page

Dirty Linen article on the Copper Family

All Music Guide articles on Bob Copper and on the Copper Family

Copper Family CD and cassette reviews

Records and CDs available in US

Other Links

History of Rottingdean

Rottingdean Preservation Society - quite a bit of Copper Family "stuff" is displayed at the Grange Museum.

Strange Railway to Rottingdean that the Copper Family would have known - scroll about 2/3 down the page for the photo

Sussex Folk Guide

The Royal Oak Folk Club, Lewes

Lewes Arms Folk Club, Lewes

English Folk Dance and Song Society

Vaughan Williams Memorial Library on-line catalogue

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