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The Past

In this section, which covers the Copper Family up to and including Bob's memorial service, you will find:

 Bob, John, Ron and Jim Copper in the 1950s

Copper Family

 Bob Copper with Billy Bragg

Bob Copper

James "Brasser" Copper (1845 - 1924) by John Copper

James "Jim" Copper (1882 - 1954) by John Copper

Ron Copper (1911 - 1978) by Vic Smith

Bob Copper's Report for 2000

Bob Copper's Report for 1999

The Coppers in California

Zoe Healy meets the Coppers

Collecting for the BBC

Bob's 85th Birthday Party

Bob's 86th Birthday Party

Bob at the Sussex Singers Weekend

Bob receiving his Good Tradition lifetime award

Bob's honorary degree

Bob's Memorial Service

Bob's obituaries

Sonnet by Bob Copper

1970 interview with Bob by Vic Smith

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